"Why didn’t you just write a blog post?"

Sudophilosophical is an experiment: I’ve heard claims that blogging is dead, I’ve been encouraged to go with the flow and publish where the readers are (Medium supposedly), I’ve been called a paranoid narcissist for insisting on owning my “content” (whatever that is), and many of these claims are compelling and reasonable (but still wrong). However, when and if the tech bubble bursts and the chosen unicorn publishing platforms of Silicon Valley are forced to monetize or die (see LinkedIn, Twitter, soon Medium), I hope this drives more people to own their own content and publish it themselves with a copy left license, reviving a bygone era of blogging bliss and Internet citizenry.

Or perhaps I’m delusional, but anyway, I was pleased to read Craig Grannel writing on his Revert Saved blog that:

So I’m trying something new, getting back to writing more regularly here again, but with shorter, sharper articles. I’m not sure what themes (if any) will emerge, nor even what kind of voice. But I hope any of you who are still checking in now and again will enjoy at least some of what is posted over the coming weeks and months.

Yes! Yes please do! Because RSS is an open web version of Twitter and we don’t need them to have a public discourse!