Zany genius rocket man releases dreadfully cool video of Tesla’s self-driving car

Tesla have released a video of their self-driving technology via HackerNews. Here’s what it looks like:


It looks just like a Tesla. Compare this with Uber’s self-driving offering:


Given the recent rumor that Apple is pulling out of making the car itself, I think it’s worth noting a critical difference in these two cars: only one of them is cool, and it’s the one with integrated hardware and software.

The roadmap to self-driving cars

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop:


In the race to develop self-driving cars, the United States and Europe lead in technology, but China is coming up fast in the outside lane with a regulatory structure that could put it ahead in the popular adoption of autonomous cars on its highways and city streets.

I’m not surprised at all. This is going to be an interesting battle over the next 5 years or so

This is a story of the same proportion as the race to land on the moon. In many ways, the future of humanity depends on self-driving electric cars, because the amount of carbon and physical waste produced by our need for transportation has already irrevocably damaged our only planet. Furthermore, the first country that has a technology company that can get a self-driving product on the road is going to reap a lot of monetary reward. It’s going to take coordinated action from governments to correctly regulate and technology companies to safely implement to pull off a consumer or even B2B self-driving, perhaps electric, car.

What companies do you know of that can pull off radical innovation and package it into a sleek product that people want?