Porsche won't make self-driving cars

On how Porsche CEO isn’t interested in self-driving cars, Shawn King comments:

Even though some Porsches do come equipped with Apple’s CarPlay, it makes corporate sense to take this line. Besides, why would you buy a sports car only to let a computer have all the fun?

Just like manual cars exist despite automatic transmission for reasons of either cost or preference and feature phones still exist despite smartphones, the market for enthusiast’s cars will remain. It’s a bit different however, because I’d wager that Porsche owners, in general, don’t own just a Porsche, and I similarly doubt that they drive their Porsche to work every day. Absolutely, I’m not going to let to computer have all the fun when I’m driving my (still imaginary and rhetorical) Porsche down a beautiful country road, but computers can absolutely have all the fun of driving my (equally imaginary) Camry to work every day.

If I were in charge of Porsche, I don’t think I’d make self-driving cars either. But I would absolutely invest.