GitLab 8.5 released

The open-source GitHub competitor GitLab has shipped a new version of their software which, among other things, has light project management in the form of a feature they call “Todos”:

GitLab is where you do your work, so being able to get started quickly is very important. Therefore, we’re now introducing Todos.

Todos is a chronological list of to-dos that are waiting for your input. Whenever you’re assigned to an issue or merge request or have someone mention you, a new to-do is created automatically.

Then when you’ve made a change, like replying to a comment or updating an issue, the to-do is automatically set to Done. You can also manually mark to-dos as done.

I bet GitHub are really feeling the heat. I’ve long thought it silly that many projects have their source code and their issues/milestones/bug-tracking separate. I’m very impressed by GitLab, and the version control for my next project will be between them and BitBucket.