Facebook promises its users more censorship

Facebook via TechCrunch:

We take misinformation on Facebook very seriously. We value authentic communication, and hear consistently from those who use Facebook that they prefer not to see misinformation. In Newsfeed we use various signals based on community feedback to determine which posts are likely to contain inaccurate information, and reduce their distribution. In Trending we look at a variety of signals to help make sure the topics being shown are reflective of real-world events, and take additional steps to prevent false or misleading content from appearing. Despite these efforts we understand there’s so much more we need to do, and that is why it’s important that we keep improving our ability to detect misinformation. We’re committed to continuing to work on this issue and improve the experiences on our platform.

It’s amazing how straightfacedly and unironically this VP admits to and endorses censorship, as though they have some unique access to the truth, like the solution to Trump getting elected is even more media control. But to their point, it’s their platform, and they can control the flow of information all they want, to me it’s another reason not to use Facebook.

Facebook: “Introducing the Events from Facebook App”

Facebook have launched a new app for iOS based on the event functionality of Facebook, integrating with the phone’s calendar and events created on Facebook. In their own words via 9to5Mac:

Today we’re announcing Events from Facebook, a new app we designed for event seekers who are passionate about keeping up with nearby events and finding things to do with their friends. Whether you’re looking for something to attend this weekend or just wondering what’s happening in your area, Events will help get you there.

I find it striking that all of the default apps that Apple ships, like Messages, Calendar, and Camera, are being re-done by competitors. Arguably, you could set up your home screen by replacing the defaults completely with competitors: Messenger, Events, Instagram, Google Maps, YouTube, etc. Also: the design of the app is strongly evocative of Apple Maps redesign in iOS 10. Apple have heavy competition on their own platform for the best apps, and while I’m not swayed by Facebook’s offerings particularly, this is great for iOS users.