iPhone 6 Plus First Impressions

I was a holdout. For three years, I used the magnificent iPhone 4S as my trusty telephone. When I upgraded from a feature-phone Nokia handset to an iPhone 4S, all the things I could do made me forget how I did without a smartphone: get all your emails on-the-go, use the decent web-browser to do tasks if a computer wasn’t around, keep yourself completely amused in all idle moments.

A week ago, I picked up the Ridiculously Big iPhone® and it is also one of those products that I already can’t remember how I did without.

My 4S really complimented an iPad well for some tasks: where the phone could send a quick message, the tablet could comfortably guide you through a book.

This 6 Plus, on the other hand, does not play so well with an iPad. It demands use, because as big as it is, it does fit in your pocket … barely, it has a screen that is just shorter than the iPad is wide, and it always has Internet connection (and to connect your iPad to 4G is quite pricey). It’ll send your quick message and then guide you through that book as you quickly switch to your train-ticket app, or whatever else it is you do.

Any media shines on the 6 Plus: it’s in your pocket, so you can play music; it has a massive screen, so you can play games or browse the web or read a book; the portrait keyboard is well-suited to two-handed use, so you needn’t shy from heavy-input use …

But there’s one thing that totally sucks about the 6 Plus.

Checking the time.

Oh I know, the humanity, you’re walking somewhere to do some lovely fun activity or something and you want to check if you’re late and you have to pull out a 5.5 inch telephone to find out. How hard.

But seriously, this device isn’t great for glance-able information, using it demands attention.

But Apple has no need to create the need for a product category which involves glance-able information.

Right guys?