Computer Architecture Lecture

  • What I encourage you to do is to write minituare programs
    • For example, the .size directives, write a program that does nothing but read those strings of bytes, and turn them into a hex number just to show that I can read these numbers and properly convert them.
    • With this, you have a piece of code you can trust and transplant and really make sure it works.
    • This is not a requirement, but it is strongly encouraged
  • Moving on, the flags that affect various Y86 instructions.
            zf  sf  of
    addl    y   y   y
    subl    y   y   y
    amdl    y   y   0
    xori    y   y   0
    mull    y   y   y
    readb   y   0   0
    readw   y   0   0