Twin Size Mattress – The Front Bottoms (Wolfox Cover)

This week, my band and I recorded a cover to one of my favorite Front Bottoms songs, Twin Size Mattress. What made this song especially fun to play was the couple of tempo changes it has, the very fluid dynamics throughout, and particularly the intensity of the last section. Wolfox is Connor Kruysman on vocals, Mike Bearce on bass and vocals, and myself on guitars, drums, and audio production. Enjoy!

Alive With The Glory of Love – Say Anything (Wolfox Cover)

After 2 hours in my basement with Mike Bearce on bass, Connor Kruysman on vox, and myself programming drums and playing guitar, a cover of a definitive song, “Alive with the Glory of Love”, from one of my favorite bands, Say Anything, came to be. We did this cover live, all playing at the same time, in a single play through. Check it out and let me know what you think!

"Untitled 022816" with David Knutson and Philip Thompson

“Untitled 022816” is a recording that my friends and I did in my basement last week. Philip Thompson owns the drums on this snippet from a much larger jam session, David Knutson plays the lead guitar, and I provide the rhythm guitar. Steven Quinn and I split the work of being the audio technician and production, and Steve did the mastering. The track is what I imagine very, very, very early jam sessions of Explosions in the Sky might have been like, with ethereal leads that crescendo into heavy rhythmic chords.