Mastering the iOS Technical Interview

General Questions

  • Can you describe your workflow when you work on creating an iOS app? Sure. iOS is like any other platform or programming environment, and at the beginning, you need to collect a complete or good initial set of program requirements. After you and your coworkers or clients are happy with the requirements, it’s time to start translating the program requirements into your software architecture. If dynamically updating content is a requirement, you’re going to need a backend. If caching or manipulation of content is required, you’re going to need a database, which will determine the structure and nature of your model. If a GUI is required, you’re going to need to define your views. You wrap these components together with a controller, and assure that your naming convention is semantically similar to your problem domain, downloadBusinessInformationFromBackend,storeBusinessInformationInBackground,updateViewForNewBusinessInformation, etc.

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